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This is the wallet in which you store your private keys – in other words, your password that protects your cryptocurrency or digital assets. With a crypto wallet of your own, only you hold the private key, which totally eases your mind about access to your assets.

TECHTICS Wallet Offerings

Centralised Wallet Development

Where you keep private keys on behalf of your users assuring them safety from fraudulent access or unauthorised transactions, helping your business preserve its integrity and building confidence in your users.

DeFi Wallet Development

Users get full control over their private keys and funds, with the additional protection of institutional-grade security and efficiency from ease of use. You build trust and attract more users.

NFT Wallet Development

Regular crypto wallets do not support NFTs. So with the rise of NFTs as attractive investments, your platform needs a wallet able to store, send and receive NFTs. We deliver a peerless NFT wallet that combines top-level secure storage and transfer of NFT tokens.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

There’s a huge number of crypto currencies today. The versatility of your wallet to handle multiple crypto currencies as well as fiat currencies gives you an edge in trading all across the world.

Mobile Wallet Development

Capture an important segment of users through a mobile wallet for your business. The mobile wallet for iOS and Android platforms does that, plus offers robust security and a friendly user experience.

Web Wallet Development

The more your wallet can do, the more its value to your business. Your users get to do a lot – securely transfer, store and manage their assets bolstered with security features, multi-currency support and an easy-to-use interface.