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Techtics is an IT software house specialising in blockchain technology. We provide services ranging from Backend, Frontend, Management and Tokenomics, and also Create Design solutions.

We pride ourselves on having a team of highly skilled experts who work in a close-knit ethos.

KK Chong
Co-Founder, Technology
Darien Ng
Co-Founder, Business
Software Engineer - Blockchain
Software Engineer - Backend
Jin Sheng
Software Engineer - FullStack
June Xiong
Project Management
Jennifer Chai
Finance & HR
Ervie Yeo


Techtics believes in giving back to the community through Education, especially to benefit the next generation of IT professionals. We develop and invest to build a sustainable talent pool in the company through skills and knowledge impartation. We teach and equip people through personal hands-on coaching so that they can excel in real work locally and internationally.

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Techtics is affiliated with: